Engage children by re-creating an animal with the help of all our realistic aromas and bring your lessons to life.

Take your pupils and students back in time to the Victorian era or the Second World War encourage them to learn from actual experience rather than just the pages of a book with our range of room fragrances.

Adding room fragrance to your presentations gives an enormous amount of realism and encourages interactive and entertaining learning.

Take a full look at our extensive range and let your imagination run wild.

About Our Room Fragrances

Evoke produce a range of reliable, affordable room fragrance delivery systems with over 400 reformulated fragrances, available in our catalogue.

Bespoke Fragrances

Our room fragrance specialists can produce bespoke fragrances to suit your needs and will work with you to produce the aroma that meets your requirements. We can cater for any project however large or small.

Fragrance Dispensing Options

Complementing our range of off the shelf room fragrances, we also offer a wide variety of fragrance nebulising machines. From simple canister based fragrances for that quick and instant burst to a multi aroma vaporising fragrance machine for constant aroma delivery- we have the solution for you.

Typical installations for our room fragrance systems include retail outlets and other visitor attractions such as theme parks and museums, stage and theatre. Education establishments such as schools, colleges and universities also use them as well as healthcare providers including care homes and rehabilitation centres.

Huge Range of Fragrances

Our huge range of aromas will add that extra touch of realism to your environment. They can be used to stimulate memory and bring past experience to life or just add that extra special effect. Whether you are looking for the aroma of freshly baked bread, a spring meadow, a summer sea breeze or something more dramatic such as a battlefield or ancient historic village - we have a fragrance for you.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for in our catalogue of off the shelf rom fragrances please do not hesitate to contact us. Our scent specialists will be happy to discuss your requirements, provide a wealth of knowledge, excellent customer service and the best scent delivery solutions on the market.

Scents and Aromas

Our fragrance specialists are passionate about making scents as realistic as possible. Education establishments such as schools, colleges and universities all use Evoke room fragrances. Our huge range of aromas will add that extra touch of realism to your environment. They can be used to stimulate memory and bring past experience to life or just add that extra special effect. In education, teachers are now encouraging the use of scent as part of the curriculum in order to bring subjects like History and English to life.

Living Memories

Events in our history such as the blitz and the Second World War are now starting to move out of ‘living memory’. The smell of burning metal, dust and rubble as part of the recollection of this period can ignite imagination and encourage pupils to write creatively and ‘from experience’. Some healthcare providers including the NHS, care homes and rehabilitation centres are also using our room fragrances in a wide variety of ways. The NHS use our scents when training members of staff for example, in A&E departments in order to create realistic effects in roleplay, reconstructions and to prepare them for the real life scenarios they will eventually face.

Helping People Remember

Did you know that scent is your strongest link to memory? Dementia and Alzheimer’s is an extremely isolating disease and we use a wide range of fragrances to bring people who suffer with this illness back to a place with which they can identify, recall memories and in turn, find a safe haven. Care homes which specialise in the treatment of patients with these conditions are benefiting greatly by using our fragrances to help their patients to recall memories.

Depending on the stage of progression that the patient maybe at with their condition, it could also help them to remember to perform the daily functions that we ourselves take for granted, such as having a drink of water or sitting down to eat a meal.

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