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An Active Way Of Learning With The Interactive Wall.

Now it’s even more fun to exercise in the gym or in the school sports hall. With SPORTsWall, there’s no end to the fun activity games you can play, all of which stimulate the brain and are guaranteed to get your heart rate up.

Movement is good for both the body and brain. This applies whether you’re at school or in the gym. That’s why we’ve created a smart new model that can be used both to get your heart rate up in the gym or for fun and active teaching at school.

SPORTsWall is connected to ActiveFloor’s game library. This means that reciting word classes, sums or other academic material that fits in with your teaching will never feel dull.

What is an Interactive Wall?

SPORTsWall is an interactive wall containing content related to different ball games, which can be applied in both physical training and educational environments. With SPORTsWall you have the chance to learn in the most instinctive way possible: by moving and engaging your entire body.

Created by ActiveFloor, the SPORTsWall is an innovative example of educational technology that can enhance social skills, boost physical health, foster teamwork, serve as a platform for creative learning, and best of all; it is so much fun.

Focusing on educational content

The SPORTsWall focuses on educational content and enables you to integrate movement, play, and learning into your educational environment, in a fun and playful manner. Construct an educational environment that encourages physical activity and captivates students' attention, making learning an engaging and entertaining experience.

Get access to the MyWall online platform, allowing you to easily create your own educational content and games that align with your curriculum, in just a few minutes using any mobile device or computer.

Get access to 7000+ unique ActiveFloor games

In addition to creating your own games, MyWall features an extensive game library where teachers and educators from around the world have shared their own created games and content. You can browse through thousands of games covering various subjects, making it easy to find the perfect fit or inspiration for your class or activity.

When you find a game or activity that you like, you can add it to your own playlist or take a copy and create changes according to preferences, or even auto-translate it into the language that is needed. Join the community and easily organise your activities, classes or curriculum in no time.


Fitness, Movement, Learning

SPORTsWall is an interactive wall where you can play various activity and learning games using balls. You can easily use SPORTsWall in school for fun and active learning and adapt all ActiveFloor’s learning games to your own teaching.

Why do children love the SportsWall?

SPORTsWall allows children to have a lot of fun whilst getting a lot more exercise at school. Combining solving challenges whilst judging the distance and power needed to throw the ball, is a unique way for children to have to maintain full coordination and control over their bodies, and gives them a completely different and fun way to learn.

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