The number one sign in and visitor management system solution for primary schools

Ensuring the safeguarding of pupils is the most important thing for any primary school. With InVentry, you can have peace of mind by knowing who is on-site at any given time. With many features such as fire evacuation roll call, health features and visitor management – InVentry has you covered.

InVentry is a pioneer of sign in and visitor management systems and trusted by over 8,000 schools across the UK. The InVentry system transforms the efficiency of entry into your school and provides secure digital data on every entry or exit; giving you maximum traceability.

InVentry Integrates with Paxton

InVentry and Paxton provide Primary Schools with another sense of security. With a top of the range door access control system, Primary Schools can populate users directly through their MIS and are only required to enter information once for it to be automatically added to both InVentry and Paxton. Not only does it offer another safeguarding measure, but simplifies the process for administrative staff when inputting new users and reduces workload when removing them.

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