Take a look at Evoke Technologies very latest range of interactive and educational floors.

Our interactive floor allows children to navigate in and play various activity and learning games by using both their hands and feet.

ActiveFloor provides schools, nursery schools, after-school care facilities, libraries and hospitals with new ways of furthering educational, social and motor development in a fun way. Provide the children with the opportunity to learn in the way that is the most natural for them: by using the whole body.

Our floors work alongside a projector and camera which tracks the movement of the players who use both hands and feet to interact with the floor. With the addition of our vinyl mats to ensure correct light projection.



Play and movement are often interrelated. This is why, through games involving physical activity, the children’s abilities in collaboration and communication are strengthened. 


With the help of interactive activity and learning games, it is never going to be tedious to repeat inflections, equations and other subject-related material.


Movement supports and supplements teaching while also making each day exciting and different – and as an extra bonus, memory functions are improved through physical activity, as a larger number of neurons are stimulated.

Check out some of the interactive floors

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