Ergonomically designed to create inviting, safe personal spaces with isolation.

The Sensory Nook is an amazingly revolutionary way to make your school, public service, care home, event or business more inclusive to people and families who are neurodiverse, have learning difficulties and special needs.

The sensory enhancements to the Nook produce an encapsulated environment to positively influence mood, reduce challenging behaviours and lower anxiety levels. A highly adaptable space particularly effective for neurodiversity including autism, ADHD, and dyslexia. The Sensory Nook is a practical way to reduce exclusion in the classroom and in public spaces.

The four reasons for why your school needs a Sensory Nook Support

1. Inclusion

The Sensory Nook Support reduces external sensory overload.
It provides a supportive safe space for pupils with SEND.
It helps them self-regulate and cope with everyday situations and improves pupil well-being.

2. Learning Support

The Sensory Nook provides a personalised learning space within the larger area.
It is ideal for 1-to-1 and supported small group work.
It is a personally adaptive learning environment that lowers anxiety.

3. Practical

The Sensory Nook Support is a mobile pod that can be moved to exactly where it is needed.
It is designed to be robust with ergonomic features.
It provides a "room within a room" effect that saves giving up precious space or building specialist facilities.
The Sensory Nook is modular by design and fully customisable to meet your specific needs.

4. Cost-Effective

The Sensory Nook Support is an effective and clear use of pupil premium.
It provides SEND adaptive in an affordable, self-contained mobile unit.
It creates an inclusive sensory supportive learning space that reduces challenging behaviour and cost of exclusion.

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Sensory Nook Specifications

Nooks are ergonomically designed to create inviting, safe personal spaces without isolation. They actively reduce noise from the wider environment to protect and provide respite for the people inside.
Locking castors provide mobility and security when in place. They can be removed at installation for a fixed Nook.
The Sensory Nook requires a single plug socket to power.

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0.9m Depth Sensory Nook Key Dimensions:

Width: 201cm
Depth: 92cm
Height: 196cm

1.5m Depth Sensory Nook Key Dimensions:

Width: 201cm
Depth: 152cm
Height: 196cm

1.2m Depth Sensory Nook Dimensions:

Width: 201cm
Depth: 122cm
Height: 196cm

1.8m Depth Sensory Nook Dimensions:

Width: 201cm
Depth: 182cm
Height: 196cm

Standard 0.9 Depth Dimensions

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