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In the dynamic landscape of educational technology, we understand the critical role that seamless connectivity, audio-visual enhancements, and robust infrastructure play in creating an enriching learning environment.

Our company offers a range of educational technology with an impressive 28 year track record of delivering cutting-edge solutions. Our team of skilled engineers are dedicated to providing comprehensive services that encompass data networking and cabling, sound and lighting work, and a spectrum of audio and visual solutions, including de-installation and re-installation services.

Data cabling and wireless network solutions

Whether you're looking to establish a secure data networking infrastructure, implement high-speed fibre optic connections for enhanced performance, or create a seamless and flexible wireless network, our dedicated team of engineers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to deliver solutions. 

Data Cabling and Wireless Network Solutions
Hall and Theatre Solutions, and Sounds and Lighting

Hall and theatre solutions, and sounds and lighting

We offer state-of-the-art solutions for halls and theatres, ensuring a captivating and immersive experience. From designing and implementing sophisticated audio systems to creating dynamic lighting setups, our team is dedicated to delivering solutions that elevate the overall experience.

Audio visual solutions and interactive screens

Seamless de-installation and re-installation of interactive screens and projectors, ensuring that you can embrace the latest technology. Upgrading classroom audio visual systems, integrating interactive displays, or optimising projector setups, our engineers prioritise efficiency and precision. 

Interactive Display in Classroom

Comprehensive Wi-Fi planning and validation surveys

These surveys play a crucial role in planning, verifying, and validating Wi-Fi solutions across various sectors, including schools, businesses, logistics, and hospitality.

Our team utilises these tools to predict, plan, and confirm both indoor and outdoor coverage, generating professional heat maps and reports. The invaluable data collected through these surveys aids in assessing in the feasibility and budget planning for pre-installations.

Moreover, it serves as a vital tool to validate the success of Wi-Fi installations post-implementation. We believe that our meticulous approach to Wi-Fi planning and validation can significantly enhance the efficiency and reliability of your network infrastructure.

Enhanced Predictive Desktop Surveys

Strategically plan and position access points using vendor-agnostic heat map software. Generating a comprehensive report that not only highlights recommended access point positions but also provides insights into the anticipated performance across the main spectrum (2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz).

On-Site Surveys

Employing the "AP on a stick" methodology, we conduct meticulous surveys to plan radio frequency and unveil performance characteristics through walls and floors. These reports provide valuable insights, enabling precise planning and optimisation for enhanced wireless performance.

On-Site Validation

On-sire validation process goes beyond a simple check of coverage. We examine the entire environment, verifying coverage comprehensively and identifying any potential weak spots. Additionally, our thorough assessment includes the detection and resolution of interference issues.

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