Evoke's February 2023 Recap

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Want to learn about some of the many things the Evoke team got up to during February?


February began with showcasing information about our interactive wall. SPORTsWall is an interactive wall where you can play various activity and learning games using balls. You can easily use SPORTsWall in school for fun and active learning and adapt all ActiveFloor’s learning games to your own teaching.

Now it’s even more fun to exercise in the gym or in the school sports hall. With SPORTsWall, there’s no end to the fun activity games you can play, all of which stimulate the brain and are guaranteed to get your heart rate up.

Movement is good for both the body and brain. This applies whether you’re at school or in the gym. That’s why we’ve created a smart new model that can be used both to get your heart rate up in the gym or for fun and active teaching at school.

SPORTsWall allows children to have a lot of fun whilst getting a lot more exercise at school. Combining solving challenges whilst judging the distance and power needed to throw the ball, is a unique way for children to have to maintain full coordination and control over their bodies, and gives them a completely different and fun way to learn.


Evoke and our installation team travelled down to Richmond Academy in Gillingham at the beginning of the month to install a brand new ActiveFloor interactive floor system.

Our interactive floor allows children to navigate in and play various activity and learning games by using their feet. ActiveFloor provides schools, nursery schools, after-school facilities, libraries and hospitals with new ways of furthering educational, social and motor development in a fun way. Provide the children with the opportunity to learn in the way that is the most natural for them: by using the whole body.

Our interactive floors work alongside a projector and camera which tracks movement of the players who use both hands and feet to interact with the floor, with the addition of our vinyl mats to ensure correct light projection.

You can find more about our interactive floors here.


February also saw Evoke giving out our sensory and immersive pod for trial demonstrations.

Immersive pods recognise how hard it can be to engage in play, learning or relaxation time with children living with hearing disabilities, learning difficulties and other sensory needs such as autism. â€‹Gone are the days where the parents of children living with difficulties are faced with the daunting prospect of unsupervised or unsuitable environments for their children.

Whether or not your child has learning difficulties, autism or hearing problems, the sensory tent becomes a place for them to hideaway and spend time as an individual.

These sensory and immersive pods have already been introduced in many homes across the world, but have also been seen in specialist schools, hospitals, hospices, creches, respite centres and hotels.

You can find the immersive pods on our shop.


Our Account Manager for Inventry's visitor management system visited the Evoke office to give some system training, whilst also discussing some of the system's new features. 

Designed for education, but suitable for any business, InVentry's fully-equipped integrated visitor entry system allows you to accurately monitor who is in your building at any time.

InVentry speeds up the sign-in process keeps identity information secure and leaves your staff feeling confident that the sign-in app ensures students or employees are safe and accounted for. With a 20-inch InVentry touch screen that is clear and intuitive, designed specifically for high volume areas of your school or business.

The InVentry sign-in system gives you the power to manage visitors, staff, pupils and contractors and is fully customisable to give every visitor a great first impression of your organisation.

Evoke also attended the Humber and East Yorkshire School Business Leaders Group conference event alongside InVentry at The Village Hotel, Hull.

See how InVentry’s electronic visitor management system can improve your business or school here.


Have you checked out our new mini product brochures on our website? All of our product's information covering our sensory and immersive products, and interactive floors, walls and projection systems, to our visitor management system and interactive display screens, just condensed into a smaller format.

You can download our mini brochures here.


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