Take a look at Evoke Technologies very latest range of interactive and educational floors.

WizeFloor and Funtronics are educational and collaborative, and are designed to promote collective and differentiated learning styles and needs through play and physical activity.

Our floors work alongside a projector and camera which tracks the movement of the players who use both hands and feet to interact with the floor. With the addition of our vinyl mats to ensure correct light projection.

Take a look at both of these interactive floor packages there is software to suit all ages and needs, and allows expression and physical fun in one exciting package.


This interactive floor is invaluable in an educational setting, with a wide range of activities including quizzes, memory, balloon and categorisation games and thousands of exercises for all subjects and levels already available through the WizeFloor society, and has being specifically designed for use in schools and nurseries. 

Use any mobile device or computer

Exercises can be created with your own pictures, sounds and video by use of any mobile device or computer. Many of the activities involve teamwork and can accommodate ideally four to six players, with advantages for schools, nurseries, SEN schools, hospitals, adult education and eldercare.

Enhances motivation, concentration and collaboration

WizeFloors is an excellent supplement to your school it enhances motivation, concentration and collaboration between the players. Our interactive floor has access to a different selection of apps and server space.

Some of Our Interactive Floors

WizeFloor Go

Our WizeFloor Go is a handy projector, camera and pc in a handy box on wheels and can be set up in any room with ease, the projection size can be customised to fit the number of players the WizeFloor go is perfect for a wide range of fun activities and can be moved easily from room to room.

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You can find out more about our interactive floors in our brochure.

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Some of Our Interactive Floors


The Funtronics projection system can be used on various surfaces including, floors tables and even walls Funtronics projects collaborative multimedia content and allows participants to interact with the surface using their hands and feet and other objects, such as toys and gym equipment.

Versatile interactive solution

Funtronics is a versatile interactive solution with a multitude of fun, intriguing and stimulating activities suitable for a variety of areas from kids clubs, schools play areas, hospitals and sensory immersive rooms.

Uniquely designed games and challenges

The Funtronics software packages boast an abundance of uniquely designed games and challenges to ensure participants are always engaged and is suitable for younger children.

Floors for entertainment or education

Whether you are looking for an interactive floor for entertainment or education or just a great tool for enjoyment and relaxation Funtronics is a good place to start.

Funtronic Projection System

Funtronic is an interactive projetion system that can be used on a wide range of surfaces including floors, tables and walls, allowing participants to engage in a range of activities using their hands, feet or even other objects such as gym equipment.

Download the brochure

You can find out more about our interactive floors in our brochure.

Watch our Interactive Floor Videos

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