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SENse Tile

The SENse Tile is the latest in the SENse projection range, an effortless installation which can be interacted with in any setting. As simple as replacing a ceiling tile in an existing suspended ceiling grid, connecting the projection unit to the mains, and your interactive projector is ready to be used. The SENse Tile projects down bright and engaging interactive content onto the floor, or any other required surface such as a table, if it is positioned under the SENse Tile. 

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Projecting engaging interactive content onto the floor

The SENse Tile is pre-installed with Imaginate software, which includes over 300 premade activities and games. The ceiling tile projector has a projection size (dependant on the chosen installation height) of approximately 2.6m x 1.7m when installed at a height of 2.5m. If you do not have a suspended ceiling in the location you are interested in installing this solution in, get in touch and we will inform you if this product can be used.

Integrex   Ceiling Tile Unit   6

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