Signage changes in Retail

One of the biggest changes to digital signage in retail over recent years is the growth trend for brands to have fewer stores on the high street. but within their existing stores, brands are focusing more on improving the overall customer experience by making their stories more experiential, visually engaging and interactive.

NowSignage has been developed with exactly these trends in mind. NowSignage allows retailers to get real-time product and social messaging on to the shop floor with the click of a button.

The CMS is designed for multi-screen management, therefore, managing a large network of thousands of screens is no more difficult than managing a handful of screens.

Marketing Schedule

Scheduling marketing activity 

The scheduling tool is the simplest to use tool on the market today. It allows users to fully automate which content gets shown when, on what screens, and to which demographic you are aiming for.

You can create seasonal campaigns or plan content to be displayed all the way down to the precise hours and minutes.

Capacity Management

Capacity management

An award-winning integration with a people counting sensor that allows customers to display footfall dashboards alongside other content.

Suitable for single or multi entrances, people counting technology can be used to monitor and maintain social distancing, ensuring adherence to laws and regulations.

This data can also be used to provide data-driven insight and monitor trends.

Capacity Management

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