SMART Board MX Series

Market-leading interactivity and product longevity

Change the game with the MX series, a display that’s simple to use, deploy and support with value and capability that other brands just can’t touch. Create an inclusive and dynamic learning environment with the revolutionary touch technology of the SMART MX series interactive display. Unlike any other on the market, this advanced touch technology enables students to write, erase, touch, and gesture simultaneously, regardless of the platform or application they are using. Embrace the collaborative power of the SMART MX series interactive display and ensure that everyone has the freedom to participate and contribute without limitations.

This intuitive display is designed to recognise and adapt to the tool you're using, effortlessly maintaining your pen choice across different files and applications. Whether you're a teacher or student, switching between programs becomes a simple task as the MX smartly retains your preferred tool settings. Focus on teaching and learning without interruption, as the display seamlessly adapts to your needs, providing a hassle-free and intuitive experience.

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SMART Board MX Series Features


Experience true multi-user technology

Make room for everyone with the only touch technology on the market to let your students write, erase, touch and gesture at the same time, across platforms and applications, without interfering with another user’s tool choices.

Easy connectivity

Empower students to showcase their understanding and take the lead in their learning with the versatile USB-C connections of the SMART MX series. Featuring both 15 W and 65 W USB-C connections, students can effortlessly connect their devices, enabling seamless sharing of ideas and content. Whether it's displaying their work or leading discussions, the MX provides the speed and convenience for students to connect and contribute in an instant.

Superior inking and intuitive tool recognition

Experience the freedom to write without limitations with SMART Ink, where you can simply pick up your pen and start writing, navigating effortlessly between programs, files, and web browsers without losing a single stroke. The SMART MX series intuitively recognises what tool you’re using, and is smart enough to maintain your pen choice across files and apps, making it effortless for teachers and students to transition between programs.

Built to last

Unleash the full potential of future-facing technology with the feature-packed MX interactive display. Designed with advanced specifications, MX series displays ensures the utmost ease of use, unparalleled longevity, and extensive compatibility to cater to a wide range of implementation needs.

Unrestricted erasing making mistakes meaningful

The freedom to experiment and take chances is a key element of truly effective learning environments. The MX series’ interactive technology frees up the eraser to be used at any time - even while other students are writing and interacting. 

Key Specifications

Available Sizes: 55" / 65" / 75" / 86"
HyPr Touch with Advanced IR
20 Simultaneous touch points (Windows and Mac)
2x front-facing 15W speakers
NFC Reader
Ambient Light Sensor
Dual USB C 3.2 (15W/65W)
WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2
ENERGY STAR and Ecodesign compliance

iQ embedded computing on Android 11
OPS upgradable
Screenshare: native and app-based
Live broadcast with multi-way inking
Split-screen mode

SMART Notebook
Remote control

MX 76A1221 Edit Full

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