SMART Board 6000s Series

World-leading touch technology for interaction and collaboration

The SMART 6000s series, with patented Tool Explorer™ technology, puts your students in the driver’s seat of their learning with more differentiated pens than any other display, and exclusive learning tools. Designed with a wide range of differentiated pens, this series offers more options than any other display on the market. Each pupil can have their own pen type and colour, eliminating the need for tool conflicts or disruptions during collaborative sessions.

By providing individualised tools, the 6000s series fosters a harmonious and engaging learning environment, where pupils can collaborate seamlessly without any distractions. Let your pupils shine as they navigate their educational path with personalised pens that promote collaboration and creativity.

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SMART Board 6000s Series Features

Easy connectivity

With the 6000s series’ two 65 W USB-C connections, pupils can quickly and easily connect their devices to display understanding or lead learning. Plug and play any Windows device – no need to install any drivers or new software – for annotation and interactivity in the pen-enabled apps pupils already use, including Microsoft PowerPoint, OneNote, and more.

The right choice for early years and special needs education

With Tool Explorer, pupils can interact with physical objects, like cubes and stamps, that are automatically recognised by the display. This opportunity for engaging, kinaesthetic learning with real-world objects makes the 6000s Series the best choice for early years and special needs education.

Key Features

Available sizes: 65" / 75" / 86"
HyPr Touch with InGlass
40 Simultaneous touch points
Tool Explorer
2x front-facing 20W speakers
Integrated mic array
NFC Reader
Proximity and environmental sensors
Dual 65W USB C 3.2
ENERGY STAR and Ecodesign compliance

iQ embedded computing on Android 11
OPS upgradable
Screenshare: native and app-based
Live broadcast with multi-way inking
Spit-screen mode

SMART Notebook, SMART Ink
Remote control

Exclusive Tool Explorer technology
Tools available:
4 colour pens + magnetic holder
2-colour highlighter
Magic pen
Early learning and math cubes
Play stamp set

6000S Pro In Use Product Image

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