Wooden Structures

Bespoke wooden gazebos, canopies, lodges, shelters and outdoor classrooms for schools, nurseries and local authorities.

Wooden structures are a great looking, easy to install buildings which will enhance any school playground, leisure centre or public space. Watertight and weatherproof, these shelters can accommodate a whole class, enhancing education and social interaction.

The only major building material which is both renewable and sustainable, wood is an excellent choice for outdoor structures. Energy efficient, wood is a natural insulator, making it the ideal choice for energy conscious schools and organisations.

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Bespoke wooden gazebos are a perfect way to get close to nature. Spark children’s imaginations through outdoor learning or breaktime socialising, inspire groups with an outdoor meeting place, or maximum your space with a covered outside eating area.

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Classically designed, the Lodge with its open plan barn styling offers an ocean of space into which any class will be creatively inspired.

Used to create a bespoke shelter, our wooden lodges & canopies can be used for a number of purposes. Whether covering an outdoor eating area, or creating a viewing area, our lodges are not only wonderful looking but also represent great value.

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Bespoke in design, each timber lean-to uniquely enhances its location to bring about a ‘whole’ class experience undercover and protected from the elements, especially rain and UV. These Lean-To structures foster a free-flow movement of children from the inside to the outside to enable full engagement with curriculum and learning objectives.

Lean-to’s provide fantastic value in multiplying the space of your learning environment offering opportunities for extended group work, quiet zones, activity areas and art corners with young minds encouraged to flourish.

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Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor classrooms create the perfect environment for outside learning. With a wide range of sizes available we can design your ideal seating arrangement for structured or unstructured lessons. Roofs are manufactured to allow natural light to maximise daylight to the seating areas and to provide shelter from both sun and rain.

Including steel reinforced concrete flooring, twin sets of French doors and opening double glazed windows, our wheelchair friendly outdoor classroom are safe and enjoyable to use in all conditions.

The Wickham Classroom Shelter 1024x768
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Aesthetically styled the peak shelter with its distinctive high pitched roof provides an intimate space conducive to encouraging conversation and dialogue for small groups typically up to 6 people.

Beautifully designed and finished to create a striking space that inspires and enthuses.

This is a stand-alone structure for up to 8 children, with ‘Angled for Comfort seating, and a choice of roofing. With all-round visibility, this shelter offers a compact space for socialising, and a quiet place for reading.

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Walkways and Entrances

Providing undercover pathway protection from the rain and harmful UV rays of the sun. Roofing styles can either be pitched or curved polycarbonate depending on choice.

Bespoke in design, each walkway enhances its location to enable that “Link” pathway to be undercover delivering protection from the elements, especially rain and UV. These walkways encourage the use of areas removed from the main core building for full engagement with curriculum and learning objectives enhancing the look and function of your school environment.

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