Play Equipment

Whether you’re looking to create a safe environment for young children to learn in; or larger equipment that challenges older children, we can create equipment that excites and educates in equal measure.

Outdoor Places play equipment is suitable for children of all ages. This includes nursery, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils, and those with special educational needs.

Forest Cabin

Early Years Equipment

Young children develop through play, and the range of play equipment supports physical and emotional development. Created to stimulate kids into learning through open-ended play, our innovative products are fun, safe and accessible to all.

Let them be excited by intriguing animal shapes and inspired by bright colours. They can play together on a four seat seesaw, work together on our multi-feature play units, or learn with the water wall or play fence.

Layout 3

Key Stage 1

Using imaginative concepts and customised design Key Stage 1 Play Equipment has the ability to add education to fun activities. From tower units to climbing and gym equipment we can design a play area to suit your individual needs.

Building on the skills learnt in early years, our Key Stage 1 playground equipment is created to challenge five to seven year olds in a fun and engaging way. Whether climbing taller structures or braving higher slides, this equipment pushes boundaries and encourages personal development.

Layout 3
Low level Twin Tower

Key Stage 2

As Key Stage 2 learners become more mature they need to have access to an outdoor learning environment that still challenges and interests them. The playground designs can help children re-discover an interest in outdoor play.

Older children know what type of play they enjoy. They know what they’re good at and what their weaknesses are. This means constructing playground equipment for these young people is a challenging undertaking.

Burma Bridge 1000x750

Trim Trails

Created to boost children’s agility, strength and coordination, they include obstacles for balance and climbing. Designed for a range of budgets you can easily extend your trail once more funds become available.

Designed specifically to you, the combination and configuration of the equipment is limited only by you and your imagination. From trapeze rings and monkey bars to crawl nets and stepping logs, you can create trails that inspire, engage and test your pupils.

Burma Bridge 1000x750
Rope Nest Kids 1

Pole Climbers

Designed to develop balance, dexterity and upper and lower body strength, the climbing stacks represent a disorganised stack of objects to suit the play environment for a range of ages.

Ideal for school playgrounds or public parks the climbing stacks are eco-friendly, having been created using a mixture of rope and wood. Available in a variety of sizes for different age groups, climbing stacks are challenging and enjoyable to children of all ages.

Big enough to be used by lots of children at the same time, climbing stacks encourage social development as well as physical, making them an excellent addition to your outdoor play area.

Pirate Kings Galleon 1024x768

Themed Play

Creativity is an important skill to develop in children, and themed playground equipment is a engaging way to promote this. Whether racing to put out a fire in our fire engine or sailing on the seven seas in the Pirate King’s galleon, our themed play equipment will transform playtimes.

Exercise becomes fun and social skills are developed as children’s imagination’s run free. They’ll also develop emotionally as they naturally empathise with the characters they’re playing.

Pirate Kings Galleon 1024x768

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