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February Blog

Want to learn about some of the many things the Evoke Team got up to during February?


During February Evoke attended several events around Hull, with the first being the privilege of participating in the Business Bootcamp event, hosted by the collaboration of the University of Hull, Hull University Business School and One SC Media at the Aura Innovation Centre, where we had the opportunity to showcase our virtual reality kits to the students through several sessions throughout the day. 

The event was a skill enhancement and career preparation for upskilling students, where the Bootcamp sessions were curated in the following four areas to provide the students with invaluable skills for their futures: Start-up, Artificial Intelligence, Employability and Global Insight.


Looking to enhance your workplace or educational institution with cutting-edge VR and AR technology? Check out the-all-in-one charging and storage solution that makes it easy to integrate VR into any setting, providing an immersive and engaging experience for users of every age.

Virtual reality kits come fully equipped with everything that you would need to get started, including multiple VR headsets that are housed in a practically indestructible wheeled case, complete with laser-cut storage slots that are tailor-made to each headset's individual specifications. The virtual reality kits are also already set up and ready to go straight out of the box.

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An example of the compatible software that is available to be installed onto the virtual reality kits is ExpeditionsPro - a provider of free virtual reality tours and expeditions in fully immersive virtual reality. 

We have demonstrated this software on our TikTok, by showing how you can visit the 7 wonders of the world, which you can find here.


Another event the Evoke team attended and exhibited at was the Humber and East Yorkshire School Business Leaders Spring Conference 2024 event at The Village Hotel, Hull, where we were supported by InVentry - visitor management and sign-in solution that is trusted by more than 10,000 organisations including schools and business.

Designed for education, but suitable for any business, InVentry's fully-equipped integrated visitor entry system allows you to accurately monitor who is in your building at any time. InVentry speeds up the sign-in process keeps identity information secure and leaves your staff feeling confident that the sign-in app ensures students or employees are safe and accounted for.

The InVentry sign-in system gives you the power to manage visitors, staff, pupils and contractors and is fully customisable to give every visitor a great first impression of your organisation.

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Our Director Nevenka also had the amazing opportunity to be part of a judging panel during the Y Focused Aspiring Leaders Final event with Sirius Academy North, sponsored and attended at The Edge Hub. 

The Aspiring Leaders programme is to work alongside groups of students to develop their employability skills, with the end of the programme allowing the students to present their final ideas to the panel, with the judges selecting a winning group. A split decision from the judging panel saw two winning groups, with both of the teams aiming to raise awareness of different religions and also raising awareness of the needs of refugees in our communities.

A big thank you for allowing Evoke to be apart of the judging panel, and a well done to all the students that had taken part from Sirius North Academy.


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