Evoke's January 2024 Recap

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Want to learn about some of the many things the Evoke Team got up to during January?


The Evoke installation team started the new year installing new fibre cabling in a school in Oxfordshire to replace their copper cabling. In the dynamic landscape of educational technology, we understand the critical role that seamless connectivity, audio-visual enhancements, and robust infrastructure play in creating an enriching learning environment.

Our company offers a range of educational technology with an impressive 28 year track record of delivering cutting-edge solutions. Our team of skilled engineers are dedicated to providing comprehensive services that encompass data networking and cabling, sound and lighting work, and a spectrum of audio and visual solutions, including de-installation and re-installation services.

Check out our transformative solutions, or get in touch here.


Evoke Technologies now provide the highest quality refurbished laptops, which you can also buy direct from our online shop which you can find here.

Buying second user laptops does not have to include any risk or chance. A supply of the highest quality refurbished laptop product in the entire world, supported by the award of the world's first BSI Kitemark certification for refurbished laptops, establishing the quality of the product.

Each laptop has the top and bottom covers fully repaired and repainted to create a uniform look, with matt, gloss, and soft touch finishes to match that of the original laptop product. The palm rests, sides, and bezels, are also cosmetically refreshed where needed. Keyboards are reprinted in any language required and batteries are tested to be at least 70% of the original new OEM. Microsoft Windows (MAR) can be installed and UUID's and hash codes supplied.

Discover a realm of cost-effective alternatives to new items, all while sidestepping the typical uncertainties associated with second-hand products. Achieve a balance between quality and price, where the two elements enhance each other rather than compromise your expectations.

Find out more information, or watch some video examples of the product here.


As mentioned in our previous news post, the team here at Evoke are proud to share that we are a sponsor of Kingston Sharks NIHL 2 - a dynamic and passionate ice hockey team based in Hull.

Kingston Sharks are a team that are dedicated to promoting the sport of ice hockey and fostering local talent, from their junior grassroots teams to top level teams like the Hull Jets. Their team journey is not just about the goals scored or the matches that are won; it's about fostering community ties, inspiring young talents, and creating stories of triumph and tenacity. Comprising of skilled athletes who are focused on achieving success for the season.

If you would like to check out Kingston Sharks, you can view their website.


You can also find our new mini product brochures for 2024 which can be downloaded, with information covering the likes of all things Immersive and Sensory, the number one Visitor Management System solution trusted by over 10,000 organisations, Interactive Displays with SMART and CTOUCH, Interactive Floors and Interactive Walls, Virtual Reality kits for education and the workplace, Outdoor Places landscaping, building structures and equipment for schools, and more.

Download of brochures here.


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