Evoke's December 2023 Recap

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Want to learn about some of the many things the Evoke team got up to during December?


Have you seen the InVentry latest launch of updates and features?

Some of the new features include the following: InVentry have now added the ability to use multiple email addresses when using InVentry Passport to scan your Checkpoint devices for improved user experience; Organisations now have the option to ask a custom question when signing into the system and a notification can be sent based on the question that has been asked, for an advanced level of customisation; InVentry's door access integration now supports Paxton's Advanced Permissions setup for improved user experience; Various user interface, experience and performance enhancements, and more.

Want more information on InVentry's visitor management systems? Read more here to find out more, or check out our downloadable brochures.


The PODSpop is an innovative sensory play tent designed to craft an extraordinary and captivating environment specifically tailored to delight and inspire children. Featuring an effortless pop-up design, this ground-breaking immersive space can be swiftly assembled and disassembled, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for both children and adults. Immerse yourself in a realm of wonder with PODSpop, offering an unparalleled sensory journey that captivates young minds while fostering imaginative play and exploration.

Enhancing the appeal of the PODSpop sensory play tent is its impressive interchangeable themes, presenting a choice of four adventures: Rumble in the Jungle - Home to some of the most lively wildlife in the Sensory Play Tents range. Glorious vibrant colours set the scene for a tropical creature playground. The luscious jungle environment creates an immersive setting for monkeying around; Sub Aqua Quest - Get ready for an underwater adventure like no other with the Sub Aqua Quest Pop-Up Sensory Tent. Designed specifically for children, this tent is the perfect way to spark imagination and encourage adventure; Galactic Space Adventure - This out-of-this-world tent is the perfect place for your little ones to explore the galaxy, meet alien life forms, and embark on interstellar missions; and the Sunset Savannah Safari -  Providing an immersive and realistic safari experience, making it feel like you're really in the heart of the Savannah. 

All of the sensory play tents are pop-up, plug-in and play in only a matter of seconds, with built-in sensory lighting that heightens the immersive adventure experience, and have access to an app for themed digital content, with a Bluetooth speaker to showcase the themed audio files.

Get in touch for more information.


The Evoke team attended Winifred Holtby Academy during December to showcase the ActiveFloor MobileMax interactive floor to showcase some of the interactive games and themed content the solution has to offer to a select group of Year 11 students from the school, as well as explain how the interactive floor works and what content can be created and played.

During this session we was also joined by Hull FC's Head Coach Tony Smith and former Hull FC player Scott Taylor as they both gave a talk to the group of students about how to be disciplined and focused in both their school work and future careers.


Also we would like to make customers aware to upgrade to SMART Notebook 23.1 for free before 31st December 2023 to avoid any disruptions and stay aligned with best security practices. 

Why is it important to upgrade? What are the new features?

SMART Notebook 23.1 employs protection to follow emerging security practices, so your data continues to be safe while using SMART software; Users that do not upgrade will no longer be able to access game-based activity templates, and activities that require student devices, and more.

To upgrade for free, click here.


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