Evoke's July 2023 Recap

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Want to learn about some of the many things the Evoke team got up to during July?


The start of July saw the Evoke team attend the Immersive Work Experience event at the Aura Innovation Centre in Hull, to both support and work alongside students from Winifred Holtby Academy.

As well as it being a fantastic opportunity to showcase some of our immersive interactive technology with our SMART board display, interactive ActiveFloor, and virtual and augmented reality kits, it was also great to see all of the students working together on their set tasks in their individual teams throughout the day and completing them to an amazing level.

There is a SMART display for every classroom. Our range of high-quality interactive displays provides exceptional value at a great price, so classrooms are more connected, and learning is more engaging. Simpler to deploy, use and support, SMART interactive displays are the solid investment for every EdTech budget. 

SMART displays come with an always-growing set of teaching tools for student engagement. A built-in Android operating system and essentials like a whiteboard app and browser, lesson creation software, advanced inking tools, apps and widgets, ready-made activities, and content are all included for free.


Play and movement are often interrelated. This is why, through games involving physical activity, the children’s abilities in collaboration and communication are strengthened. 

ActiveFloor provides schools, nursery schools, after-school care facilities, libraries and hospitals with new ways of furthering educational, social and motor development in a fun way. Provide the children with the opportunity to learn in the way that is the most natural for them: by using the whole body.

Did you also know that ActiveFloor have reached a total of 10,000 free pieces of content on the MyFloor game library?

You can find more about ActiveFloor on our website here. You can also fill out our contact form if you have any questions or would like to get in touch regarding the interactive floors.

You can also find our ActiveFloor playlist here.


Are you looking to enhance your workplace or educational institution with cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality technology? Then look no further with RedboxVR's Virtual Reality Kits.

Virtual Reality Kits come fully equipped with everything that you would need to get started, including multiple VR headsets that are housed in a practically indestructible wheeled case, complete with laser-cut storage slots that are tailor-made to each headset's individual specifications. The RedboxVR Reality Kits are also already set up and ready to go straight out of the box.

Check out what you can achieve with virtual reality for education here.


During July we also had Ryan and Jayden complete their work experience with the Evoke team, in which they worked alongside Ben with media and marketing tasks. From learning about social media content creation and scheduling across all of our social channels and taking lead for the day, to creating their own interactive learning games and activities which they then tested on our interactive floor.

The Evoke team would like to give a big thank you to Ryan and Jayden for helping the team during their time spent with us, we thoroughly enjoyed working alongside them.


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