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Want to learn about some of the many things the Evoke team got up to during April?


For April's blog content we are going to cover our interactive floor solutions, as well as have a recap over Evoke attending the Bett Show 2023 in London, where we supported the interactive floors that were being exhibited.

ActiveFloor's interactive floor solutions aim to bring technology into teaching, and create more fun and engaging learning environments for children worldwide, providing schools, nurseries, after-school facilities, libraries and hospitals with new ways of furthering educational, social and motor development in an exciting way.

Are you interested in what ActiveFloor can achieve for you? Designing and developing are two key aspects when it comes to the ActiveFloor system. You can decide in which game universe your content is made, and which subject, theme and age group it is adapted toward. You are easily able to add your own text, pictures, sounds and video content, in order for your games to be personal and relevant for exactly your nursery school, school or after-school childcare facility. With a login to ActiveFloor's Online Platform, you can even develop games yourself by use of any mobile device or computer.

With an interactive floor solution, children can get an approach to auditive, visual and kinetic learning, create greater interactivity and make it possible for them to strengthen the overall collaboration, communication and movement in the classrooms. As a teacher, the learning games and activities provide content for maths, sciences, and even languages, as well as plenty of opportunities to integrate fun, exercise and kinetic learning in all teaching. 

You can find out more information on ActiveFloor on our website here. You can also fill out our contact form if you have any questions or would like to get in touch regarding the interactive floors.


If you have not had the chance to catch up on March's blog content, you may have missed out reading about Evoke attending this year's Bett Show in London, in support of our interactive floors that were being exhibited during the event. You can find this blog post here.

While supporting ActiveFloor and the Bett Show we also had the opportunity to showcase the SPORTsWall, which is an interactive wall where you can play various activity and learning games with the use of a ball. 

With SPORTsWall, there’s no end to the fun activity games you can play, all of which stimulate the brain and are guaranteed to get your heart rate up. Movement is good for both the body and brain, which applies whether you’re at school or in the gym. Combining solving challenges whilst judging the distance and power needed to throw the ball, is a unique way for children to have to maintain full coordination and control over their bodies, and gives them a completely different and fun way to learn.


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