Evoke's March 2023 Recap

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Want to learn about some of the many things the Evoke team got up to during March?


In March, the Evoke team went to Tweendykes School, Hull, to demonstrate our plug and play interactive projection unit, and our sensory and immersive pods.

The plug in and play projection unit, the SENse Micro, is one of the smallest, most portable interactive projection units available. The SENse Micro creates colourful, engaging floor projections that respond to, and interact with, body movement. Lightweight and easy to move from room to room, the SENse Micro offers instant & plug and operation with no setup required. Ideally suited for use in a classroom, or at home, the SENse Micro creates bright, stimulating projections which interact with movement and touch.

Immersive Pods utilise remote controlled internal sensory lighting to create a perfect space for children to learn and play; creating an environment in which their imaginations have no limits. Although perfect for every child to enjoy, these immersive pods make a particularly special environment for children with sensory needs, physical disabilities and learning difficulties. 

As the sensory and immersive pods are made of 90% air, they can pack down into a small sized backpack which can be easily stored in places such as under the stairs, or in a small cupboard. With amazing features such as fully adjustable sensory lights controlled via the remote control, a wide door with enough space for wheelchair accessibility and to be comfortable when moving around, as well as the door being removable with a mesh window so you can keep an eye on them while they're are inside.

Why not check out our TikTok to see how amazing these spaces are, as well as how easy they are to put together? You can find them here.


At the end of March, we attended this year's Bett Show in London, in support of our interactive floor that as being exhibited there.

The interactive floor allows children to navigate in and play various activity and learning games by using their body. ActiveFloor provides schools, nursery schools, after-school care facilities, libraries and hospitals with new ways of furthering educational, social and motor development in a fun way. It provides the children with the opportunity to learn in the way that is the most natural for them: by using their whole body.

The interactive floor work alongside a projector and camera which tracks the movement of the players who use both hands and feet to interact with the floor, with the addition if vinyl mats to ensure correct light projection.

In support of the interactive floor, there was also the interactive wall being showcased. SPORTsWall is an interactive wall where you can play various activity and learning games using balls. You can easily use SPORTsWall in school for fun and active learning and adapt all of ActiveFloor's learning games to your own teaching.


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