Now it’s even more fun to exercise in the gym or in the school sports hall. With SPORTsWall, there’s no end to the fun activity games you can play, all of which stimulate the brain and are guaranteed to get your heart rate up.

Movement is good for both the body and brain. This applies whether you’re at school or in the gym. That’s why we’ve created a smart new model that can be used both to get your heart rate up in the gym or for fun and active teaching at school.

SPORTsWall is connected to ActiveFloor’s game library. This means that reciting word classes, sums or other academic material that fits in with your teaching will never feel dull.

Fitness, Movement, Learning

SPORTsWall is an interactive wall where you can play various activity and learning games using balls. You can easily use SPORTsWall in school for fun and active learning and adapt all ActiveFloor’s learning games to your own teaching.

Why do children love the SportsWall?

SPORTsWall allows children to have a lot of fun whilst getting a lot more exercise at school. Combining solving challenges whilst judging the distance and power needed to throw the ball, is a unique way for children to have to maintain full coordination and control over their bodies, and gives them a completely different and fun way to learn.

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