Simple yet fun

The Pixel Factory DIY Drawing Board is a simple yet fun pixel art drawing and can be performed directly on the Pixel factory touch panel. Just turn the knobs to choose the colours, then slide and draw. The Pixel Factory can be used as a decoration in any home and stands proudly and will show off your latest creations. You can share your designs on the online gallery and interact with the many talented artists or look for inspiration. 

The pixel factory

More than a drawing board

Drawing on the Pixel Factory is far more useful then you think, It helps develop and establish the following abilities:

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Aesthetic Perception 

Design concept

The design concept for the Pixel factory is a creation of art with a 16 x 16 pixel touch display that sings its tribute to the great industry revolution. 

The tactile user interface and mechanical style controls are easy to use and appeal to the younger children.

With the mechanic rotating buttons, you can once again experience the iconic symbol for that era creating art and animations with ease using the Pixel Factory 

With safety being a priority the Pixel Factory is built with premium quality materials, and it is safe for Pixel artists for all ages. 



Charging Time -  4.5 Hours

Battery Life - Up to 14 Hours 

Battery Capacity - 5000mAh

Battery Voltage - 3.7V

Recommended Charging - 5V-2A

Bluetooth Version - 5.0

Product Dimension  - 297 x 225 x 63 mm

Product Weight  - 1110g 

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