About Trees, Plants and Garden Fragrances

A day in the garden what a treat, the smell of the pine and the floral fragrance of the newly bloomed roses. Dad is in his shed and all is well with the world or alternatively walk through a forest with all the aromas of nature.

Trees Plants and Garden Fragrances Forest

Cut Grass

A strong scented blend with full bodied top and undertones that smells just like freshly cut grass.


The earthy tone you can smell when weeding the borders.

Fermented Fruit

A bitter aroma with hints of fermented rhubarb.


This scent has a mixture of fern, pine and leaves with a slightly earthy tone.

Trees Plants and Garden Fragrances Garden Shed

Garden Shed

This woody and earthy scent is remarkably close to a garden shed with musty undertones


This pleasing floral scent from the gorse blossom is a promise of warm summers to come.


A calming, aromatic scent with strong floral tones.


An aroma that has been aimed at fresh leaves.


This is a sweet and full bodied scent with berry like aroma tones.

Trees Plants and Garden Fragrances Garden Shed
Trees Plants and Garden Fragrances  Roses


This is the scent of an old oak tree, deep and wholesome


An earthy, pleasant scent with a fresh rich aroma.


A strong scent of pine needles and sap.


A sweet, deeply floral fragrance of fresh rose petals.

Sweet Pea

A distinctive floral fragrance with a strong top note.

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