About Sweet Shop Fragrances

Remember when you had a childhood trip to the local sweetshop? Well here you will find all of your old and new favourites….and why not top it off with a classic ice cream, who could resist! Our sweet shop aromas are tempting and irresistible don’t wait too long.

Sweet Shop Fragrances Candy Floss

Aniseed Balls

A strong, aniseed aroma just like aniseed balls.

Bubble Gum

The sweet and fruity aroma of bubblegum.

Candy Floss

A sweet and sugary aroma.

Caramel Toffee

The indulgent scent of a fresh batch of caramel toffees.

Sweet Shop Fragrances Jelly Beans

Chewing Gum

A crisp and fresh minty aroma.

Cinder Toffee

A well known honeycomb treat with lots of sugary depth.

Fruity Sweets

The fruity mixture of scents from a freshly opened bag of fruit jelly sweets.

Ice Cream

A subtle, sweet, vanilla aroma.

Jelly Beans

A sweet aroma with strong fruity tones.

Sweet Shop Fragrances Jelly Beans
Sweet Shop Fragrances Liquorice


A scent that is based on the liquorice root.

Parma Violets

A sweet perfumed scent just like the old fashioned sweet.

Pear Drops

A sweet and rich tone that smells just like the hard boiled sweets.


A minty fresh scent with a sweet undertone just like spearmint chews.

Toffee Apple

A sweet scent with heaps of sweet toffee and crisp apples.

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