About Spa Day Fragrances

This is the life, a range of relaxing and calming spa day scents. These aromas fill your space with calm and can promote a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. What are you waiting for?

Spa Day Fragrances Lemon Eucalyptus and Mint


This is a strong scent that is very close to almond paste.

Cucumber & Lime

A crisp and refreshing aroma with a citrus twist.


A fresh, crisp and cool scent with a powerful top note.

Lemon, Eucalyptus & Mint

A mixture of our very own lemon, eucalyptus and mint that is cool and refreshing.

Spa Day Fragrances Tea Tree Oil

Lily & Rice Flower

A soothing, light blend with a floral background.

Lotus Blossom

A subtle and enchanting aroma with a sweet top note.


The crisp scent of peppermint with a long lasting presence in the air.


A deep and earthy undertone within this aroma makes it a truly grounding scent.

Tea Tree Oil

A sharp and pine like undertone with a menthol hint to the top

Spa Day Fragrances Tea Tree Oil

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