About Pubs and Bar Fragrances

All your bar favourites, imagine yourself in the village inn. Our range of drinks go from liqueurs to spirits or maybe a spicy Irish cream. Whatever takes your fancy, we have well stocked bar available; just sit back, relax and enjoy the atmospheric pub and bar scents range.

Pubs and Bar Fragrances Amaretto


An Italian liqueur with unmistakable almond tones.


A subtle, sweet and smoky aroma with hints of the alcohol coming through.


A strong scent of yeast, barley and hops.


This scent has a spice and herb mix with the juniper berries really standing out.

Pubs and Bar Fragrances Mulled Wine

Irish Cream

A whisky scent with sweet and spicy notes melting into cream.

Mulled Wine

A warm and spicy aroma with hints of cinnamon.

Peach Schnapps

A sweet and fruity aroma with a fermented alcohol undertone.

Pina Colada

This aroma has strong pineapple and coconut roots with a hint of vodka.


A strong alcoholic scent followed by the warm scent of molasses.

Pubs and Bar Fragrances Mulled Wine
Pubs and Bar Fragrances Whisky and Cola

Sweet Sherry

A strong yet sweet aroma with a warm alcoholic presence.

Village Inn

Old furniture with real ale mixed with a musty and damp undertone.


A deep, woody and smoky aroma that is unmistakably from the highlands.

Whisky & Cola

The deep notes from the whisky complemented by a sweet topnote.

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