About Memories Fragrances

These aromas evoke past memories and are thought provoking, maybe memories of childhood, or fond memories of home whatever your story there is a scent for you that can bring your past to life and send your imagination to new heights.

Memories Fragrances Cigarette Ash

Cuban Cigar Smoke

A whole hearted fragrance of this divine cigar.

Cigarette Ash

A slightly damp smell of burnt out cigarettes.

Home Sweet Home

A scent based around an American home. Very sweet and deep.


The deep, luxurious scent of freshly manufactured leather garments.

Leather Cream

This scent is very similar to the scent of a new car with treated
leather interior.

Memories Fragrances Leather Hides


The scent of leather hides in a tannery


A deep and indulgent aroma with a subtle undertone of fruit.

Pencil Shavings

The crisp scent of fresh pencil shavings.

Tobacco Leaf

This is the aroma of the freshly dried leaf, rich and sweet.

Victorian Lavender

The scent of lavender with extra depth and sophistication.

Memories Fragrances Leather Hides

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