About Kitchen Favourites Fragrances

These are our kitchen favourites, some of our most popular aromas. All the smells of the busy kitchen get your taste buds tingling and take in these comforting scents. Imagine yourself in a busy bakery taking in all the smells of fresh baking and buttercream delicious

Kitchen Favourite Fragrances Bacon


This aroma hones in on the scent of a bacon joint.


A very meaty scent that is a mixture of Bovril and a cooked beef joint.


This aroma has a strong scent of digestive biscuit.

Blue Cheese

A very pungent aroma with very high and long lasting nutty and
earthy notes.

Kitchen Favourite Fragrances Buttered Popcorn

Butter Cream

A sweet and indulgent scent of fresh frosting.

Buttered Popcorn

A realistic, pleasant scent of popcorn with buttery undertones.

Cake Shop

Strong and sweet with vanilla and cinnamon blended alongside delicate pastries.


This is extremely like a flaked maize cereal which is very well known.

Kitchen Favourite Fragrances Buttered Popcorn
Kitchen Favourite Fragrances Fresh Baked Bread

Cheddar Cheese

A strong and powerful aroma of mature cheddar.


The scent of cookie dough with chocolate chips.


A strong aroma with hints of garam masala and turmeric to make this scent stand out.

Fresh Baked

A scent that is known to lift moods and also help sell your house. Our crusty bread aroma smells just like the crust on a fresh cob.

Kitchen Favourite Fragrances    Gingerbread

Fruit Cake

This rich and fruity blend is identical to a fresh fruit cake.

Game Pie

The smell of hot game, gravy mixture and savoury pastry.


A deep and warm scent with strong hints of ginger.

Grannie’s Kitchen

Aromas don’t get much better than this! A nostalgic journey back to Grandma’s kitchen with fruit pies baking in the oven and hints of vanilla and cinnamon.

Kitchen Favourite Fragrances    Gingerbread
Kitchen Favourite Fragrances    Marzipan


This creamy, nutty and smooth aroma is similar to hazelnut paste.

Hot Apple Pie

A hearty apple pie with strong notes of cinnamon and vanilla undertones.


A sweet and pleasing scent with strong, nutty almond top notes.


Very nutty and realistic. It can be used for the scent of peanuts orpeanut butter.

Kitchen Favourite Fragrances Roast Chicken

Roast Chicken

A very savoury scent of roast chicken.

Shea Butter

A scent that is found in cosmetics and food recipes naturally sustained from the nuts of the shea tree.

Smoky Bacon Crisps

Smoky and meaty with savoury overtones.

Tea Leaf

An aroma of the tea plant rather than a cup of tea with a mild aromatic tone.

Thai Food

This aroma has notes of lemon grass, chillies and ginger with a hint of garlic.

Kitchen Favourite Fragrances Roast Chicken

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