About Household Products Fragrances

These aromas are reminiscent of spring–cleaning from yester-year that freshly cleaned house or the calming smell of fresh washing. That “just washed scent” is always a crowd pleaser. These scents can fill you with nostalgia.

Household Product Fragrances Furniture Polish

Alpine Laundry Powder

This scent has a very strong top note and smells just like freshly washed laundry.

Carbolic Soap

The memory inducing smell of the pink block of soap often scrubbed in with a loofah.

Fabric Softener

This aroma is soft and subtle with soothing aromas just like freshly washed and dried laundry.

Furniture Polish

A strong aroma with hints of bee’s wax and polish.

Household Product Fragrances    Toothpaste

Hand Soap

A strong yet subtle scent of a fresh bar of soap.

Lemon Cream Cleaner

This is a very familiar scent to those who use a well-known lemon cream cleaner.

Soap Suds

This aroma is unmistakable and smells just like washing up liquid.

Spring Clean

A mixture of fabric softener, alpine laundry and lemon cream cleaner give a perfect scent of that busy day.


A strong and lasting aroma that is identical to mint toothpaste.

Household Product Fragrances    Toothpaste

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