About Herbs & Spices Fragrances

The aromatic range of herbs and spices will send your sense of smell from one end of the globe to the other some soothing, some stimulating come and enjoy your world trip with these intense aromas.

Herbs and Spices Fragrances Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

A realistic creation of the raw oils extracted from this plant.


This is the scent of fresh basil that has just been washed and chopped.


This aroma is relaxing and proven to help ease stress and anxiety.

Black Pepper

A scent which is very close to freshly ground black pepper.

Herbs and Spices Fragrances Cinnamon


This aroma is said to smell the same as a cannabis plant in growth.


A scent with very aromatic notes and a hint of spice.

Cedar Wood

This aroma is very woody and earthy with a slight hint of citrus.


A soothing and calming aroma with holistic benefits.

Herbs and Spices Fragrances Cinnamon
Herbs and Spices Fragrances Cardamom

Chilli Pepper

A spicy top note and very realistic characteristics of fresh chillies.


A warming scent very much like the raw spice.

Clove Oil

This is a very complex spicy and slightly sweet aroma with an earthy undertone.


The herb that originates from the seed of the cilantro plant is a fresh yet pungent scent.

Herbs and Spices Fragrances Garden Mint


The scent of homemade chilli and tacos. Cumin is one of the main spices in chili so expect a Mexican hint to this scent.

Garden Mint

Strong and minty, like the scent you get from rubbing mint leaves.


The warming scent of freshly chopped ginger root.


This is a very strong noted fragrance which is well used along side other scents to set scenes of eateries.

Herbs and Spices Fragrances Garden Mint
Herbs and Spices Fragrances Nutmeg


This ancient root used widely in Chinese medicine has a woody and very earthy scent.


A scent that is quite strong and distinctive Chinese menthol crystals add a real kick in this blend.

Mixed Spice

A mixture of a number of spices with a strong asiatic note of cumin.


A unique scent with hints of cinnamon but without the spice.

Herbs and Spices Fragrances Sage


An old fashioned reminiscing scent of fresh cut rosemary.


A smooth and mellow herb fragrance.


The chemical tone of turps.

Herbs and Spices Fragrances Sage

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