About Exotic Holidays Fragrances

Forget the long journey bring yourself straight to a Caribbean hideaway with our range of exotic holiday scents take a deep breath, and relax with these stimulating and intense aromas with fruity undertones and freshly cracked coconut.

Exotic Holiday Fragrances Coco Mango

Caribbean Hideaway

An overwhelming scent of exotic fruits with melon being a key note.


A generous blend of coconut and mango to give it a fruity kick.


A subtle and relaxing aroma of freshly cracked coconuts.


Exotic Holiday Fragrances Sun Tan Lotion


A strong note of pineapple and mango which is very sweet.

Sun Tan Lotion

An aroma that was developed for use in travel agents to bring the thought of a holiday much closer.

Tropical Beach

This scent is a mixture of suntan lotion and exotic fruits.

Exotic Holiday Fragrances Sun Tan Lotion

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