About Burning Fragrances

The burning range is a realistic and dramatic set of aromas that will add a totally different perspective bringing you safely to the heart of the burning forest, or inside the blacksmiths workshop choose your aroma and get ready for the adventure.                                                                                                           

Burning Fragrances- Blacksmith


The smell of molten metal before it is struck on an anvil.

Burning Peat

The sweet smell of smouldering peat and rich earthy smoke.

Burning Plane

A realistic scent of a burning fuselage.

Burning Witch

Burning flesh with wood smoke from burning at the stake.

Burning Scents - Cigar

Burnt Wood

The scent of wood once it has burnt out with no smoke.

Havana Cigar

The classical scent of cigar and pipe tobacco before smoking.


The scent of used fireworks with a smoky hint.

Wood Smoke

The scent of a forest fire in full momentum.

Burning Scents - Cigar

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