About Animal Fragrances...

Our animal scents are unique they will transport you right into the heart of the animal kingdom.

Some of these intense aromas will have you running for air, some will bring your imagination to life, but whatever the aroma the education and realism will speak for itself. 

Animal Fragrances - Chinchilla

Badger Droppings

A really earthy and musty aroma of badger faeces.


Musty and tangy aroma of a cave filled with nocturnal creatures.

Big Cat Scent Marking

The pungent scent of a large cat spray.


An incredibly realistic aroma of the chinchilla in its natural habitat.

Animal Fragrances-  Elephant


A realistic scent of elephant dung.


The musky aroma of the UK’s most famous predator in its natural surroundings.


This scent gives a realistic aroma of horses and stables.

Otter Droppings

A strong fish content within an underlying musty note.

Animal Fragrances-  Elephant
Animal Fragrances- Penguin

Penguin Droppings

This is a fishy faeces which is as close as you can get to the real thing.

Penguin Enclosure

This aroma will take you back to the aquarium with a realistic smell of the zoo.

Penguin Vomit

A mixture of vomit and krill give this aroma a distinctive and lasting impression.


The pungent scent given off by a defensive skunk.

Animal Fragrances- Zebra


A smell that can be linked to this amazing arachnid.

Wild Stag

A dark, musky aroma with a rich depth of tones.


The smell of a fierce predator setting about it’s prey.


A dry, musty aroma which is just what you would expect from these African equids.

Animal Fragrances- Zebra

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