Protective Screens for Receptions, Desks, Counters and Offices

It is vital we keep frontline staff safe while they are still working by providing them with the very best protection against the fight against the coronavirus. This is more important than ever where everyday contact with people cannot be avoided.

The protection screen protects both the customers and employees from direct contact or where the 2m social distance is being used and allows them to be able to communicate face to face when needed through the screen.  


Some of the many benefits are as follows:

  • Increases hygiene and safety in the workplace
  • Have a safe , transparent Plexiglas window
  • Easy to clean 

Sizes and Mounting Options

These protection screen come in 2 sizes with an option of 2 different mounts,  desk mounted or free standing. 

The mounted version can be fixed onto tables, Counters, desks etc...

The Free standing can be used anywhere you have the room for it and has the advantage over the fixed were it can be used or moved anywhere to your advantage were you are working with it being mobile.

The screens can be fixed Vertically or Horizontally on the mounts with both the Proscreen 1 & 2 sizes.


Proscreen 1 

HxWxD 75cm x 50cm x 4mm Fixed Screen £70.00 +vat
HxWxD 100cm x 75cm x 4mm Fixed Screen £85.00 +vat

Proscreen 2 

HxWxD 100cm x 75cm x 4mm  Free Standing £75.00 +vat
HxWxD 75cm x 50cm x 4mm   Free Standing £60.00 +vat

Delivery (per shipment)

1 - 4 Units  £20.00 +vat
4 - 8 Units  £40.00 +vat
8 -100 Units £80.00 +vat

Large Orders

For larger orders it is possible to personalise the size of the plexiglass.


Edbak Prowall 2 

£295.00 ex Vat 

Mobile Protective Trolley / Wall

(HxWxD) 180cm x 100cm x 45cm 


(HxWxD) 100cm x 150cm x4mm

Delivery (per shipment)

1 - 4 Units £30.00 +vat
4 - 8 Units £50.00 +vat
8 - 100 Units £100.00 +vat


The protective floor standing screen from Edbak is a mobile wall on wheels that comes with wheel brakes and easy to move around. It is safe, and transparent plexiglass which makes it easy to clean and increases hygiene in the workplace. 

The Edbak Prowall 2 is ideal for 

  • Restaurants
  • Beauty Salons 
  • Hairdressers 
  • Production Facilities 
  • Vets
  • Offices 
  • Leisure Centres / Gyms 

Protection Screen Uses

The protection screen can ideally be used in Hospitals, Offices, Factories, Schools, Supermarkets / Local Amenities , Pharmacies, Opticians, Medical centres, Open space offices, Petrol stations and Public spaces. 


Protection between staff sat opposite or next each other


Protection for Reception Staff 

Doctors Surgeries

Protection for Reception Staff and Dispensary Staff.. Can also be used in Consulting rooms on desks for added safety for GPs

Petrol Stations

Added safety for Cashies dealing with the Paying Public


Protection for the Cashiers and also the Paying Customers 

Fast Food Chains

Protection for the staff/customers paying and collection for food.

These are just some of the uses our screens have been used for,  but there are many more uses for them.

We are helping  to Protect Our Key workers who are currently at High Risk due to Covid-19

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