fully automatic door handle sanitiser

Clean Handle is a fully automatic door handle sanitiser designed to minimise the spread of harmful bacteria in everyday environments.

A vibration sensor activates the device 10 seconds after opening or closing of the door.

Clean handle antibacterial aerosol evaporates quickly and leaves a door handle that is dry and sanitised. 

Clean Door handle sanitiser

Easy to install 

The device is applied with adhesive pads and can be removed without leaving any marks 


With a versatile design and accessory pads, Clean Handle is compatible with a range of different door handles 

Durable Material

Anodized aluminum increases resistance to corrosion and wear

LED Battery Level Indicator 

The device is powered by 4 AA-batteries easily exchanged when the LED indicates LOW BATTERY

LED Aerosol Level Indicator 

Clean Handle is loaded with a 75 ml aerosol capsule that provides approximately 550 sprays 

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