Automatic door handle disinfecting device 

Hyso 99.99 Automatic Door Handle Disinfecting solution which is easy to install onto most doors in minutes.  Automatically eliminating bacteria, viruses, and fungi constantly and safely from the most common touchpoints.  Door handles, Doorknobs, Lever handles and Push plates 

Automatic Door handle disinfector

Door handles are a hotspot for germs.

A door handle can play a significant part in the growth of harmful bacteria, which can cause infections such as E.coli, salmonella, as well as fungal and viral infections such as COVID-19.

Did you know that viruses can survive on a hard surface for up for 24 hours in some cases, even days. 

Our range of automatic door handle sanitisers ensures that germs and viruses are killed effectively,  helping keep staff and visitors from any unnecessary risk.   Our Automatic door handle sanitisers help overcome these issues making Schools, Universities, hospitals, health centres and workplaces safer for everyone. 

Hyso 99.99 Automatic door handle disinfector

It only takes one person to contaminate the handle

Door handles are known to be havens for countless types of harmful bacteria and are one of the most important contact points for human to human transmission of many types of germs. People can contract the common cold, flu, or other diseases by inadvertently exposing themselves to unsanitised door handles.

According to the Centres for Disease Control (CDC), germs can live on surfaces such as a door handle for hours, and in some cases, even for days.

Regardless of whether you keep your hands clean, it only takes a person to contaminate a door handle and put everyone else who uses that door handle at risk. 

Hyso 99.99 Automatic door handle disinfector

How does it work?

The HYSO 99point9 is affixed to the door 12" - 15" above the door handle and works by spraying a burst of quick-drying, alcohol and quaternary ammonium compound-based formula that effectively disinfects the door handles, doorknobs, lever handles and push plates, killing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Tests have shown that there are significantly fewer bacteria on an HYSO 99point9 - treated door handle than on an untreated door handle.  Tests have also shown that there are significantly fewer bacteria on the hands of individuals who have touched a 99point9 treated door handle than on those who have not. 

Unlike hand cleaning, however conscientious, the 99point9 keeps handle's 99.9% free of bacteria and viruses all the time 

Constantly cleaning, seriously safe!

Hyso 99point9 refill pack 

Sanitiser refill for the HYSO 99point9 automatic door handle disinfector (6-pack)

Hyso 99.9 refill pack

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